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Daryl Pinder is a third generation Australian photographer who has family that has been photographing Australian life and scenery for over 100 years.

Daryl’s grandfather Percival started his photographic career during his service in the First World War in Egypt, 1913, as a “Light Horseman”. He then returned to his home town of Bendigo in Victoria where he photographed many family portraits, landscapes, and was employed as the local Newspaper photographer.

Daryl’s father Cliff was always keen to assist his father Percival in the darkroom and was present on location during many interesting photographic assignments including a mass group photo at the Mayoral Ball which nearly caused the magnificent town hall to be burnt down with the large amount of explosive Magnesium flash powder they needed to illuminate the group.

Cliff Pinder served in WW2 as a R.A.A.F very high frequency radio direction finder stationed on several tiny islands in the Pacific Ocean. He was very resourceful and manufactured many of his photographic accessories when he returned from service to start his photographic business with wife and family.

Cliff worked for many years at the Bendigo Advertiser newspaper where he captured many images throughout the central Victorian region. He was remembered for his many years of Photojournalism by the Media & Arts Alliance (formerly the Australian Journalists Association) with “The Cliff Pinder Award For Excellence in Regional and Rural photography”.

Daryl also assisted his late father Cliff in the darkroom and learnt the art during many outings on location. His mother Thelma also worked hard in the family business and was highly skilled at hand colouring and all other aspects of the very labour intensive aspects of quality photographic processing. One of the inspirations for the embossed digital watermark used on the photographers images is from memories of marvelling at the imprinting machine and stamp used by his parents on their images. This signified the quality, skill and effort placed into their photographs.

Daryl has worked in Melbourne for the News Limited group of newspapers and also Fairfax news. He has worked freelance for many different publications and alsoworked as an ENG camera operator and Editor for several television networks. Daryl has also worked on documentary films and movie sets.

He has photographed many interesting characters and famous individuals such as politicians, heads of business, royalty, actors, musicians, sporting identities and fashion models. He currently works and lives in Bendigo,Victoria.